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Climate Crisis Updates -- Archive

Image: An Inconvenient Truth

Climate Crisis Updates -- Archive

Drastic climate change, with its dire consequences, is both the human race's greatest challenge and its best opportunity. I had been aware of global warming and climate change for many years, but it became a focus of my work at the turn of the Millennium, when I realized that the scope and impact of it would present us with a threat rivaled only by that of nuclear weapons, i.e., a threat to civlization itself. The intensity and urgency of my focus has increased each year, as it became clearer and clearer that the dysfunction in the US body politic and the US mainstream news media was so pervasive and so deeply ingrained that the political establishment of the most powerful and influential nation on the planet was going to do something worse than simply looking the other way, it was going to willfully disinform the public and delay progress. Government scientists and other committed public servants within the government have fought this policy of deceit and denial, so have a few (too few) brave political leaders, but by in large Beltwayistan is more eager to wage oil wars and ease existing regulations than it is to lead an energy revolution that would change the world. This archive includes Words of Power posts on various aspects -- political, financial, environmental, spiritual, psychological, etc. -- of this profound challenge. Taken as a whole, it serves as compelling testimony. -- Richard Power

Bigger Question than "Can We Save Burma & Darfur" -- Will the Nation & the Planet Go the Way of Burma & Darfur? Can We Save Ourselves from Ourselves?

At This Moment of Global & National Crisis, Do You have Eyes to See, & Ears to Hear? Are You Ready to Share the Hope & Courage this Moment Demands?

Why Don't US Biz, Gov & Media Leaders Understand What Louise Vet, Al Gore, Rep. Tom Perriello & the Loggerhead Turtle Mothers Understand?

I Sing the Body (Politic) Electric: 7 Hard Truths to Set Minds Free

Obama, Palin, the Super Bowl, the Healthcare Debacle, the Climate Crisis, & Don Juan's "Last Battle on Earth"

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright in the Forest of the Night, But Not for Long; Ruminations on Zinn, Salinger, Obama, Pakistan & the Planet

Haiti & the Doomsday Clock Offer Some Post-Copenhagen Context: Time to Come On Hard & Fast in the Planetary Climate Crisis

The Future of the Planet, the Fate of the Nation, the Failure of the Collective Conscience, & Why Mahakasyapa Smiled When Buddha Twirled the Flower

2010 & Beyond: Beltwayistan, the Body Politic, & the Message of Avatar

Seeing REDD? It's Either a U.S. Bill Signed by Earth Day, Followed by a Summer Summit in Mexico City or Eco Cold War Devolving into Thunderdome

The Obama Presidency is a Mirror; Gazing Into It Progressives have Become Despondent. Can We Change What It Reflects Before It is Smashed?

Hey Jude, Patron Saint of Lost Causes, We are All in Hopenhagen, All of Us Not Already on Our Knees in Darfur; It's Gonna Take a Miracle (Well, Two)

Jobs? Afghanistan? Healthcare? Climate? Where & When Will Something Turn in Our Favor? It Better Be Here & Now

Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes Against Nature: Ideas on How to Spend the $300 Million for the Bush __residential Library

The Adversary is Not Ideology or Demographic, It is at its Most Innocent, Fear, at its most Disappointing, Apathy, & at its Worst, Sociopathy

The Day After: 350 is Still the Most Important Number in Your Life & the Lives of Everyone You Love. Do You Know Why?

Too Big to Fail? The Climate. The Human Race. Our Collective Conscience (Darfur). Health Care Reform. Our System of Government.

The 6th Mass Extinction: Irrefutable Proof that Gregory, Stephanopoulos, Schieffer & Blitzer are Not Real Journalists? (As if You Needed Any More)

A Secret is Lost Within Us, Between Darfur & Denmark; If We Don't Find It, We Will Perish or Wish We Had; Reflections on Thom Hartmann's Threshold

What Needs to Be Done? Create 100,000 Artificial Trees, Save Our Last Great Boreal Forest, Pass Waxman-Markey, Embrace "350" &, Yes, Wage Cultural War

The Second Coming of the Liberal Jesus: Yes to Universal Health Care & Green Power

Healthcare, Climate Change & the Ugly Political Realities: This Boat is Sinking?

Climate Crisis Update: New Studies Highlight Meat-Eating & the Life Styles of the Rich & Famous as Serious Issues

While the G-8 Stumbles, Weak & Conflicted, There is Clarity on the Streets of Tehran & in the Minds of James Hansen, Jane Hamsher & Joe Stiglitz

From Darfur, West Virginia, Downtown Jakarta, California & the Congo -- a Collective Cry for Freedom on Independence Day 2009

In the Near Future, the Global Economy will be Dominated by China & the Biosphere will be Turned Hostile by Global Warming, Unless ...

Of Yeats, Genocide and the Biosphere -- Looming Deadlines that Frame Our Future and Determine Our Legacy

Climate Crisis Update: Seven Vital Talking Points in the Outreach to Win Hearts & Minds

The Climate Crisis is Advancing *Invisibly* Only If You Have Shut Your Eyes; It is Escalating *Silently* Only If You Have Plugged Your Ears

Earth Day 2009: This is A Profound Moment -- Choose Your Battles Very Carefully. Do Not Lose Perspective. Keep Your Priorities Straight.

Thousands of Towns in 88 Countries Turn Out Lights for Earth Hour; But Most of US Senate (including 15 "Democrats") Prepare to Tune Out Reason

Beyond the Swells of Geithner's Credibility & the AIG Bonus Babies, There is a Global Storm Moving in Fast, Do Not Be Distracted

Climate Crisis: Somewhere Between Al Gore's Optimism & George Monbiot's Pessimism is Where We Need to Be

Climate Crisis: Deaf to the Oceans & Rainforests, But Attuned to the Vapid Muttering of George Will? What has Happened to the US Body Politic?

The Year of Changing Dangerously: Krugman & Parry on the Danger to the Republic, Chomsky on the Threat to the Future of the Species

This is Not What Jefferson had in Mind -- Mainstream & Business News Media Fail in Covering Greatest Challenges of Our Time

The Delusional Opposition to the Economic Stimulus Package is a Precursor of What will Come When it is Time to Move on Climate Change Later This Year

Climate Crisis Update: Gore to the US Senate -- "We have arrived at a moment of decision."

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: The Sea & The Earth, The Beauty & The Bounty, In Peri

The Triple Meltdown, & Its Impact on Russia, Asia, Iran, & the Planet's Oceans

Economic Insecurity & the Climate Crisis: There is a Magic Bullet, There is a Holy Grail

In An Era of Global Crisis, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, Yunus & Gore, Issue Calls for Honesty & Realistic Priorities

Climate Crisis Update: "Consumers Rank Climate Concerns Ahead of Economy"

Billions Short of Water, Oceans Decimated, Crop-Killing Clouds -- But Le Monde's Herve Kempf Diagnoses Real Threat, Can Obama Overcome It?

Climate Crisis: "The global financial crisis has pushed climate change off the front pages despite new evidence ..." "Time is running out."

One Quarter of All Mammals Face Extinction; Meanwhile, the Number of Humans Living as Refugees or Internally DIsplaced People is Soaring

Climate Crisis Update: In Deep Denial, & Seemingly Rushing Toward Oblivion

Climate Crisis Update: Do Not Assume that Climate Change will Occur Slowly and Allow for Time to Adapt

Monbiot: "Everything now hinges on stopping coal. ... The industrial revolution has gone into reverse."

Climate Crisis & Sustainability: Say No to Milk & Steak and Pay NOT to Cut Down the Rainforests

"The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk. And even more ... the future of human civilization is at stake."

What the Real News Tells Us -- You and I and the Lions of the Serengeti are on Our Own.

Climate Crisis Update: The Price of A Barrel of Oil is Not the Number You Need to Focus On, The Number You Need to Focus On is "350"

Big Sur is Burning

On Global Security, Stand w/ Hansen and El-Baradei Against the Disinforming and Delusional

The Climate Crisis is Getting Ugly Early, Not Just in Africa, But in the US Heartland; Some of the Choices Made, & to be Made, are Even Uglier

Climate Crisis: 1,700 Prominent US Scientists & Economists Call for Urgent & Sweeping Action, Senate Begins to Debate How Little It Can Get Away With

Climate Crisis Update: Scorched Earth Millennium Map Shows 'Fire Scars'

Only $30 Billion A Year Could Mitigate 20% of the Greenhouse Effect Responsible for the Planet's Climate Change Crisis

Climate Crisis Update: On Lake Baikal, They Know, In the Torres Islands, They Know, But in Beltwayistan, It is Business as Usual

As the First Paroxysms of the 21st Century Survival Crisis Hit, Two of the Three US Presidential Candidates Pitch a Measly Tax Cut at the Pump

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: "If uncontrolled, climate change will have security implications of similar magnitude to the World Wars."

The Monstrous, Two-Headed Crisis of Climate Change & Sustainability is Devouring the World's Food Before It Is Produced

More on How Our Climate & Sustainability Crises Impact Food Security: “Once the oceans are gone, we’re gone. The oceans sustain the planet.”

Madness of Pursuing Last Drop of Peak Oil, Instead of 21st Century Renewable Energy Model, has Caught Up w/ Us -- the Food Security Fuse has Been Lit

Climate Crisis Update: Thunderous Warning Echoing Down from the Highest Peaks; Still, Small Voice in the Garden Soil

$300 Million to Motivate USA on Climate Crisis + $500 Million to Save Starving Masses = $11.2 Billion Less than 1 Month in Iraq; How is this Possible?

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: "Lighting a Billion Lives" & Looking at Climate Crisis as "a Massive Market Failure"

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: For Ireland, It is Best of Times, for Philippines, it is Worst of Times -- A Tale of Two Island Nations

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: The Planet's Oceans and Forests -- Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: Green Economy? Yes. Bio-Fuels? No, Not Really.

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: Deforestation & Sanitation Issues Highlighted; What Global Warming Will Cost, & What We Aren't Spending

Climate Crisis Update: From Coal-Sponsored Presidential Debates to Increased Deforestation of the Amazon, Hypocrisy Abounds in Both North & South

Climate Crisis Update: Encouraging News from An Unexpected Source, & 50 People to Hold in Your Hearts & Minds

Climate Crisis Update: What Bali Does & Doesn't Do, What the US Mainstream News Media Doesn't Do, & What Will Happen to Spain

Climate Crisis Update: Nobel Winners Deliver Important Messages as the Bali Summit Opens

Climate Crisis Update 11-7-07: As the Planetary Crisis Deepens, So Does the Denial in Mainstream Media & the Political Establishment

Climate Crisis Update: Business Won't Lead, Technology Can't Deliver A Panacea -- Only Political Action Driven By Science & Conscience Will Prevail

Climate Crisis Update 10-1-07: The Planet's People have Awakened, But Many Business & Political Leaders, Particularly in USA, Continue to Pretend

Climate Crisis Update 9-21-07: Radio Eco-Shock Interviews Richard Power on Why Global Warming, Not Terrorism, is the #1 Security Threat

Climate Crisis Update 9-12-07: When will the nations of the world come to grips with reality? What will you and I do if they don't?

Climate Crisis Update 9-1-07: TV "Meteorologists" Can't Just Be Eye-Candy or Comic Relief Anymore, Now They Have to Hide the Truth

Climate Crisis Update 8-21-07: How Will You Spend Earth's Eleventh Hour? Thom Hartmann Interviews Eleventh Hour Directors

Climate Crisis Update 8-2-07: News from India, China, Russia, Brazil and the USA

Climate Crisis Update 7-24-07: Even Though The Sand Grains Are Dwindling Away In The Hour Glass, There is Still Time -- What Will You Do?

GS(3) Thunderbolt 7-7-07: Tune In, Take the Live Earth Pledge! However Long We Live, Life is Short. Embrace It. Celebrate to Change the World.

Climate Crisis Update 7-1-07: Gore Calls on USA to Lead, Sign New Treaty by End of 2009

7 Days to 7-7-7 -- Three Ways to Turn This Long Hot Summer into A Summer of Love: Sign-On for Live Earth, See Sicko & Drink A Draught of Harry Potter

Climate Crisis Update 6-15-07: Lessons from the Failure to Change Course on Iraq -- What has Crippled the Body Politic? Corporatist Money & Media

Climate Crisis Update 6-4-07: Lots of News, None of It Good -- Arctic Ice Cap Melting Three Times as Fast, Seas are Rising Twice as Fast as Predicted

Sustainability Update 6-1-07: Are You Ready for Solartopia? Thom Hartmann Interviews Harvey Wasserman on Air America Radio

Climate Crisis Update 5-22-07: Look to the Cities for Leadership Now, or Catastrophe Later

Climate Crisis Update 5-16-07: Business & Government Must Be Compelled to Accept Responsibility, But So Must Each Individual

Climate Crisis Update 5-9-07 - Desmond Tutu and Sheryl Crow Challenge Denial, Environmental Groups Warn Against Reliance on Biofuels

Climate Crisis Update 5-4-07: Is Glenn Beck Going John-Hickley-Jr.? 7 Stories CNN Could Have Aired Instead of Beck's Eco-Nazi Conspiracy Theory

Hard Rain Journal 4-30-07: Climate Crisis Update -- Media Matters in the Struggle Against Global Warming

Hard Rain Journal 4-22-07: Climate Crisis -- Sheryl Crow Confronts Karl Rove, Mother Nature Confronts John Howard; This Earth Day is The Turning Point

Hard Rain Journal 4-15-07 -- Climate Crisis Update: Eleven Retired Admirals and Generals Concur -- Global Warming IS A National Security Issue

Hard Rain Journal 4-10-07: Climate Crisis Update -- April could be the Turning Point for the USA -- Step It Up to Save the Planet

Hard Rain Journal 4-1-07: Hartmann & Gelbspan Debunk the Swindle that is "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

Hard Rain Journal 3-28-07: Climate Crisis Update -- -- The Greatest Climate Crisis Challenges are Spiritual and Psychological

Hard Rain Journal (3-20-07): Climate Crisis Update -- Four Simple Truths to Advance in Your Dialogue with Those Still in Denial

Hard Rain Journal 3-13-07: Climate Crisis Update -- Seven Stories that Underscore Dangers and Highlight Proactive Efforts

Hard Rain Journal 3-3-07: Climate Crisis & UN Millennium Goals Update -- The Interdependence of All Life

Hard Rain Journal 2-24-07: Climate Crisis Update -- Our Greatest Planetary Threat is Our Greatest Planetary Opportunity

Hard Rain Journal 2-10-07: Climate Crisis Update -- It is a Strange Bird that Fouls its own Nest

Hard Rain Journal 2-1-07: Climate Crisis Update -- From California to Queensland, the "Inconvenient Truth" has Become Unavoidable

Hard Rain Journal 1-22-07: Climate Crisis Update -- At Five Minutes to Midnight, Europe at Risk

Hard Rain Journal 1-2-07: Climate Crisis Update -- Dire Warnings from the West's Experts and from Chinese Gov; Meanwhile, from the US Gov -- NOTHING

Hard Rain Journal 12-27-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Lohachara is Gone, the Bears in Spain are Not Hibernating, Wall Street Wonders What It All Means

Hard Rain Journal 12-14-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Three Damn Good Reasons for "Carbon Freeze" and Peace is One of Them

Hard Rain Journal 12-6-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Seven Stories To Keep You Awake At Night -- Severe Weather, Famine and the Worst-Case Scenario

Hard Rain Journal 11-29-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Play the Economic Card, But Don't Forget the Psychological and Spiritual Impact

Hard Rain Journal 11-26-06: Climate Crisis Update -- NSTA and State of Texas Exhibit Wanton Disregard for the Public Good

Hard Rain Journal 11-17-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Three Big Questions for Your Elected Representatives

Hard Rain Journal 11-16-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Annan and Stiglitz Urge Leaders to Face Risk

Hard Rain Journal 11-12-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Greatest Challenge is Overcoming Denial and Greed that Cloud Minds and Close Hearts

Hard Rain Journal 11-10-06: Sustainability and Climate Change Update -- Water, Its Unhealthiness and Its Increasing Scarcity, Demands Urgent Attention

Hard Rain Journal 11-02-06: Climate Crisis Update -- What Bush, Cheney, Bork & Starr Don't Want the US Electorate to Know About Global Warming

Hard Rain Journal 10-27-06: Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update -- The Economic Cost of Continued Denial

Hard Rain Journal 10-25-06: Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update -- Are You Ready for Global Eco-System Collapse by 2050?

Hard Rain Journal 10-21-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Bad News from Armenia, Good News from Germany & Oregon, & More Proof for Those who Still Doubt

Hard Rain Journal 10-16-06: Climate Crisis Update - The Cost of NOT Coping with the Challenges of Global Warming

GS(3) Thunderbolt 10-11-06: Climate Crisis Update -- How Bad It Is & What To Do About It

Hard Rain Journal 10-1-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Xangsane and The Elephant in the Dark

Hard Rain Journal 9-26-06: Climate Crisis Update -- Global Warming & The Nuclear Option, A Convergence of National Security Issues

Hard Rain Journal (9-24-06): Climate Crisis Update -- News on Farmers, Home Builders and Small Business Owners from Costa Rica and the UK

Hard Rain Journal 9-19-06: Climate Crisis Update – Gore Articulates The Profit in Prophecy and The Return on Reality

Hard Rain Journal 9-15-06: Climate Crisis Update – If You Have Children, or Care About the Future for Any Reason, Read These Five News Items

Hard Rain Journal 8-28-06: Six Ways for the US to Fight Global Warming

Hard Rain Journal 8-17-06: Typhoon Season Intensifes, Canada Starts to Slide into Denial, New Study Offers Insight on Global Warming Impact

Hard Rain Journal 8-2-06: North Korean flood toll thought to be 10,000, Agence France Press reports

Hard Rain Journal 7-27-06: Killer Heat Waves, Massive Blackouts -- You Were Warned 3 Years Ago

Hard Rain Journal 7-26-06: NRDC Reports on Global Warming's Direct Threat to 12 National Parks in Western USA

Hard Rain Journal 7-24-06: Five Stories about the Reality of Global Warming, Is Continued Denial Criminally Insane?

Hard Rain Journal 7-24-06: Five Stories about the Reality of Global Warming, Is Continued Denial Criminally Insane?

Hard Rain Journal 6-27-06: Global Warming, Bush's Alleged "Incompetence," and the So-Called "Conservative" Agenda

Words of Power #20: Cusco, Kyoto and The Yellow Sand Storm

Words of Power #7: Global Warming Is A Security Threat To Your Family & Your Business

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