Saturday, June 23, 2007

Election Security -- Archive

Image: Diebold Voters

Election Security -- Archive

The 2000 US presidential election was stolen in Florida, the 2004 US presidential election was stolen in Ohio. And all the misery, loss and disgrace that has befallen our republic over the last seven years is the direct result of not challenging this illegitimate regime at its original installation by Supreme Injustice in Bush v. Gore.

There is no mystery or surprise in the fact that the US mainstream news media has avoided these tragic events. But it is profoundly disturbing that the Democratic Party's political establishment has chosen to ignore them.

However, although disturbing, it should not be viewed as either mysterious or surprising. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has been seriously compromised by special interest money (and I don't mean teachers, nurses or lawyers). Ill-conceived legislation (e.g., the Holt bill) and half-hearted protests (e.g, the Party's weak-wristed response to the 2006 theft of F-13) are insufficient.

The threat is real. The nefarious schemes put in place for such information warfare have not yet been fully neutralized. The trail is there for those willing to follow it. Don't you think Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) deserve better than to be labeled "conspiracy theorists"? There is need for an aggressive congressional investigation. It would lead to revelations that would require serious criminal investigation.

(Nor is this criminality limited to the USA, it was at work in 2006 Mexican presidential election, and some say it was at work in the 2007 French election.)

Words of Power has a personal interest and a longstanding focus on election security issues. I post news and analysis on major development.

To follow the story on a day to day basis, I refer you to Mark Crispin Miller's Notes From The Underground and Brad Freidman's Brad Blog. These two sites offer remarkable detail and tremendous insight. And, of course, Greg Palast doesn't just report history in the making, he makes history.

-- Richard Power

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