Thursday, June 21, 2007

Economic Insecurity Updates -- Archive

Migrant Mother/Pea-Picker in the Dust Bowl, Photo by Dorothea Lange, 1936

Some Posts Related to Economic Security

Economic Insecurity Update: Fraud, Cover-up, a Money Grab, a Global Food Crisis, & the Impact of Poverty on the Brains of Children

Beyond the Swells of Geithner's Credibility & the AIG Bonus Babies, There is a Global Storm Moving in Fast, Do Not Be Distracted

The Binge is Over. Self-Mugged, Santelli, Kudlow, Cramer, et al, Gibber Away. Meanwhile, Krugman Offers Tough Love & Jon Stewart Offers Hard News

The Year of Changing Dangerously: Krugman & Parry on the Danger to the Republic, Chomsky on the Threat to the Future of the Species

This is Not What Jefferson had in Mind -- Mainstream & Business News Media Fail in Covering Greatest Challenges of Our Time

The Delusional Opposition to the Economic Stimulus Package is a Precursor of What will Come When it is Time to Move on Climate Change Later This Year

While Journalists Risk Their Lives Across the Planet, the US Mainstream News Media Continues to Misinform & Misdirect on the Economic Crisis

Economic Insecurity Update: Of Obama & Sullenberger; Meanwhile, Stiglitz says "Nationalization is the only answer. These banks are ... bankrupt."

The Triple Meltdown, & Its Impact on Russia, Asia, Iran, & the Planet's Oceans

Economic Insecurity & the Climate Crisis: There is a Magic Bullet, There is a Holy Grail

Past is Prologue: Santayana, History, the Global Economy, the "War on Terrorism" & the Damned -- Where Do You Stand?

Food & Financial Sustainability Meltdown: Do You Really Think There are Even 6 Degrees of Separation Between You & People in Burma, Darfur or Congo?

Gore & Krugman, Peace & Prosperity: In This Election & After, Will the USA Heed the Message the Nobel Committee has Been Sending These Last Two Years?

Economic Insecurity Update: Stiglitz & Soros Speak Truth, While Tone-Deaf Nero Fiddles Out-of-Tune Encore for G-20

Economic Insecurity Update: Woods & Forests Are Being Felled Mercilessly, We Will Miss None More Than Bretton Woods

Economic Insecurity Update: Breaking It Down -- The Shock Doctrine Full-Throttle

From Wall Street to Galveston: "Sometimes the aftermath of the storm is worse than the storm itself ..."

Economic Insecurity: Will the Cult of Milton Friedman (and Hidden High Priestess, Ayn Rand) be Smashed? -- "None of This Had to Happen ..."

Economic Insecurity: Stiglitz on the Three Trillion Dollar War; Its Devastating Impact & Its True Winners

Economic Insecurity Update: False Religion of Laissez-Faire & Milton Friedman, Its Most Persuasive Cult Leader, Have Led Us to a Monetary Jonestown

Economic Security Update: Brazilian Super Model Gisele Bundchen Joins Warren Buffet in Ditching the Dollar

Economic Security Update: "What do Brazilian supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen and the People's Republic of China have in common?"

Randi Rhodes Interviews Naomi Klein -- "Not just the craziness of the Bush gang ... the logical culmination of a 25 year war on the state ..."

Hard Rain Journal 5-22-07: Economic Security -- Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying

Hard Rain Journal 6-6-07: Future Economic Security, Both Short Term & Long Term, Requires Choosing Conscience & Common Sense Over Racketeering

Hard Rain Journal 10-30-06: Economic Security -- GAO Chief Warns Economic Disaster Looms

SPECIAL EDITION: Words of Power Interviews Nomi Prins, Author of "Jacked: How 'Conservatives' are Picking Your Pocket"

SPECIAL EDITION: Generation Debt -- Why Now Is A Terrible Time To Be Young, Words of Power Interviews Anya Kamenetz

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